Commercial real estate

Commercial real estate

Maxi Development is a federal developer company
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Maxi Development is one of the largest regional commercial real estate developers in Russia. The shopping center chain has been expanding under the Maxi brand name for over 15 years.
  • 36
    operating retail facilities
  • 435,000
    m² – commercial property owned
  • 3
    shopping and entertainment centers
  • 1,500

Commercial real estate locator

Maxi shopping center in Tula
GBA 105,350 m², GLA 85,000 m², founded on 27.11.2015
Maxi shopping center in Kirov
GBA 55,000 m², GLA 45,000 m², founded on 01.03.2021
Maxi shopping center in Petrozavodsk
GBA 55,755 m2, GLA 30,650 m2, founded on 14.08.2012

We carry out the full cycle of development activities, with an individual approach to every customer

  • [ 01 ]
    Site selection
  • [ 02 ]
    Concept development
  • [ 03 ]
    Design and construction
  • [ 04 ]
    Lease procurement and administration

Property types

Maxi shopping and entertainment centers with the area from 55,000 to 105,000 m² are tailored for family shopping and recreation.
Maxi shopping malls are some of the largest commercial buildings in the city.
The tenants of the shopping and entertainment centers include some of the largest international retailers, leading transnational corporations and Russian companies.
There you can also find regional chains and popular local brands.
Many international brands found in Maxi malls had never been represented in the respective cities before. We were the first to introduce such brands as New Yorker, H&M, Sinsay, Bershka, etc.  to different regions.
Maxi's partners value us for high-quality facilities that meet the international standards.
The pool of tenants is formed based on the residents’ expectations and the regional circumstances, offering a variety of goods and services at different price points.
Apart from stores, Maxi shopping and entertainment centers house family entertainment facilities, cinemas, restaurants and cafes.
Maxi shopping and entertainment centers are noted for their convenient location, modern architecture, a well-thought-out concept, stylish design and high-quality construction materials.
Well-planned lighting and designer interior solutions create a friendly atmosphere.
For a long time, we have been successfully partnering with the top federal cinema chains: Mirage Cinema, Cinema Park etc.
Our regional malls house multiplexes, some of which have IMAX.
Family entertainment facilities, playgrounds, and adventure parks are an integral part of Maxi shopping and entertainment centers.
This is a must-visit for fun-seeking families.
Following the trend of shopping for experiences, Maxi shopping centers offer entertainment for the whole family: from facilities for younger children to learning spaces for people of all ages.
Maxi malls often host workshops, holiday events, contests, exhibitions and fairs.
Every shopping and entertainment center has several restaurants and cafes that differ in style, cuisine and price category.
You can find a place for family dinners, friendly hangouts and meetings with business partners.
The second floor of the shopping and entertainment center is traditionally a food court where famous fast food brands are represented: McDonald's, Subway, Burger King, KFC and others.
The cozy design and a variety of cuisines are what makes the food court one of the favorite places for Maxi visitors.
Maxi shopping centers with an area of up to 10,000 m² offer a wide range of everyday goods and services.
The anchor tenants of the shopping centers are Maxi grocery stores.
The shopping center houses stores offering electronics and household appliances, household goods, clothing and footwear, cosmetics and jewelry, as well as pet stores, pharmacies and more.
Tenants occupy areas from 2 to 100 m² and retail kiosks.
Each shopping center meets the high standards of the chain: a balanced concept, a wide range of products and efficient management.
Maxi shopping centers are very popular with local shoppers.
Shopping centers offer entertainment and catering services represented by playgrounds, fast food restaurants, cafes.
Hair salons, dry cleaner's and other services can often be found there as well.
Modern shopping centers are designed to ensure a convenient shopping experience for the residents, unfailingly becoming the local centers of attraction.
Customers appreciate Maxi for its convenient location and a wide selection of products.
Tenants of the Maxi shopping center work alongside a strong anchor - a popular grocery hypermarket. The tenants' stores are located near the checkout area.
Our hypermarkets are visited by up to 12,000 customers daily
Maxi shopping centers are conveniently located in large residential areas with good transport accessibility.
The shopping centers have free designated parking areas, convenient entrances and exits.
Every shopping center has a thoughtfully planned rental area. Our customers are used to finding pharmacies, beauty stores and pet stores in Maxi, so they often visit shopping centers with the purpose of going to some of these stores.
We provide our tenants with stable traffic that they convert into increased sales volume.
The Maxi head office is located in Vologda at 25 Molodyozhnaya Street. The integrated design and facility implementation was carried out by Maxi Development. The construction was completed in record time (16 months).
In terms of architectural solutions, scale and functionality, the Maxi office has become a unique project for the region.
The façade incorporates ceramics and glass embodying the two principles of the company. Ceramic panels stand for solidity and stability, while glass walls reflect modernity, lightness, readiness for new challenges.
The five-storey A-class office is designed to accommodate 900 employees, with its planning solutions reflecting the company's life.
Behind the central stained-glass window of the façade, one can find a multi-light atrium with the height of over 20m showcasing all the vertical details, the main staircase, elevator shafts and central meeting rooms.
The atrium serves as a hub for all the floors and departments. Illuminated from the inside at night time, it symbolizes the openness of the company and presents the office as if it were a living organism.
Glass is extensively used in the office interior design. The hallways have a complex geometry and are brightened up by colorful accents, inspirational quotes and details made from designer materials.
Comfortable microclimate is supported by autonomous heating systems, a chiller plant, ventilation and air conditioning systems.
The building has more than 42 meeting rooms that differ in size and design. They are equipped with video conferencing systems, as many of the company's employees work in different regions.
The office is provided with modern IT solutions: seamless Wi-Fi throughout the territory, IP telephony, and common printing areas on each floor.
The thought behind every detail is reflected in the meeting room names that have been selected based on the floor number, the specifics of the department and design elements.
For example, the "Fifth Avenue" is located on the 5th floor next to the rental department.  The "Four Corners" is in the design department, the "Two tons" – in the distribution department, and "Beta" – in the IT department.
The ground floor has lecture halls and a training room where the company’s employees, including those from other cities, and store staff undergo training.
The training hall is suitable for lectures, meetups, business games and seminars.  
The spacious and stylish cafe has 200 seats. The space is divided into several zones, with interior design featuring pastel colors and geometric details. The stained-glass windows visually expand the space and fill it with natural light.
The cafe operates according to the free flow principle: service units include salads, culinary products, vegetables, meat and fish.
There are two cozy coffee points on each floor equipped with coffee machines, refrigerators, and microwave ovens.
Not only can you grab a bite, but you can also chat with your colleagues in a friendly setting.
Each floor is assigned a primary color: red on the ground floor, yellow on the second, orange on the third, green on the fourth, and turquoise on the fifth floor, which creates a color navigation system.
The change of colors echoes F. Laloux’s classification of companies and reflects the history of Maxi’s development.
The office building has a gym with an area of 160 m². The unconventional honeycomb lights on the ceiling were made  according to the original sketches, and the training machines  have a customized coating.
The gym is equipped with up-to-date exercise machines, locker rooms and showers.
The central logistics complex is located in Vologda covering the area of 55,000 m² and includes 6 B+ class warehouses. Over 45,000 m³ of goods are shipped through the complex monthly.
More distribution centers are located in Arkhangelsk and Veliky Ustyug.
The warehouses are equipped with a dynamic storage system, lifting and loading equipment, and chambers with different temperature modes.
We use loading and unloading equipment made in Germany and Sweden.
The B+ class Maxi warehouse complexes meet the modern standards of warehouse logistics.
The fleet includes 30 owned and 65 rented vehicles daily.
  • We build our business based on the understanding of needs and desires of our customers. We are creating comfortable spaces for family shopping and entertainment and breathing life into the urban streetscape.
  • We are open and honest with our partners and colleagues. Our goal is to secure long-term partnerships and achieve collective success.
  • We are transforming our business in accordance with the trends and changes in the business environment. We are open to new technologies and are ready to generate and promote fresh ideas.
CRE League member
  • In 2023, Maxi Development joined the CRE League.

  • The CRE League was created to identify and promote companies that have achieved high professional results in commercial real estate in Russia. Companies that have at least five "Golden Bricks" of the CRE Awards and have made the greatest contribution to the development of the industry are selected as participants.
CRE Federal Awards winner
CRE Awards is a nationwide commercial real estate industry award given annually since 2003.

  • Maxi SEC, Kirov – Mid-sized Shopping Center, 2022

  • Developer of the year - 2013, 2017, 2021

  • Maxi SEC, Arkhangelsk – Mid-sized Shopping Center, 2017

  • Maxi SEC, Smolensk – Mid-sized Shopping Center, 2015

  • Maxi SEC, Cherepovets – Small-sized Shopping Center, 2013

  • Maxi SEC, Syktyvkar – Mid-sized Shopping Center, 2012

Rex Marketing Awards winner
The Rex Marketing Awards is a professional B2B award in the field of commercial real estate marketing.

Maxi SEC, Smolensk –  Best B2B Marketing Award winner.
Golden Mercury Award winner
The Golden Mercury is a national entrepreneurship award hosted annually by the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and endorsed by the State Duma and the Federation Council.

Maxi SEC, Smolensk – Best Shopping Center Award winner.

We are trusted by the biggest Russian and international companies – market leaders in their sectors

We operate leveraging our own 15-year development experience as well as the best regional practices. Market leaders trust us, as they are confident in the success of our joint projects. Our team carefully develops the concept of each building, analyzes the commercial potential, forms the long-term development strategy and invests in the quality of the business. We are adaptable and open for change in order to offer high-demand solutions.
Andrey Antonitsin
Head of Real Estate

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