Food retail

Food retail

Maxi is a regional supermarket and hypermarket chain
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We improve our clients’ quality of life by offering a wide range of goods, delivering superior customer service and a modern shopping experience every day.
  • 90
    retail stores
  • 1,000,000
    active membership card users
  • 700
    private labels
  • 17,500
    tons of product manufactured annually

Retail store locator

Retail concept

Maxi stores stand out due to their wide range of products. More than 21,000 types of goods can be found in the hypermarket, and about 10,000 in the supermarket. Our stores have everything from fresh products to gardening supplies and toys.
Maxi's key product categories include fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy, chilled meat and fish, freshly baked bread and prepared meals.
We adhere to the principles of strict quality control every step of the way, overseeing all stages from inspecting incoming goods to shelf stocking. The expiration dates are tracked not only manually but also digitally, with the help of special software in the employees’ devices.
High-quality ultra-fresh products are the hallmark of Maxi stores.
We have been professionally producing our own food for more than 16 years. We bake bread and cakes at the factory/kitchen, cut fresh meat, prepare traditional European and Asian dishes as well as meals for children and healthy meals.
The catalogue includes more than 1300 types of products.
We manufacture 40 tons of products daily: baked goods, processed foods, confectioneries and ready meals. Product safety is ensured by our quality control specialists in accordance with the HACCP quality management system.
We have our products’ microbiological safety regularly assessed at independent accredited laboratories.
Since 2014, the company has been developing their private labels in partnership with some of Russia's largest manufacturers. Currently, Maxi offers around 700 products under 15 brands at different price points.
Product quality and safety are confirmed by regular examinations at independent accredited laboratories.
The chain's key product is Vologda dairy famous all over Russia. Having been partners with the local suppliers for decades, we offer a wide range of favorably priced products made in Vologda .
Wherever our stores are located, products manufactured locally make their way onto the shelves. We partner up with both large-scale regional manufacturers and small farms alike.
The electronic membership card is available on the Maxi mobile app. Our users get  coupons, prize draw entries, cash back, instant personal discounts, club memberships for gardening lovers or healthy lifestyle enthusiasts, etc. The app is a powerful tool for communicating with our customers.
The Maxi app makes it possible to create personalized offers based on the customer's preferences.
The Maxi online store and grocery delivery services are available in Vologda, Cherepovets, Arkhangelsk, Severodvinsk, Rybinsk, Kotlas and Kirov. Our customers can place their orders through the app or on our website:
We support omnichannel communication with our customers, while our suppliers get access to an extra sales channel - an online catalogue.
The Maxi delivery service is a completely independent project with its own software and infrastructure. The orders are packed in the Maxi hypermarkets and delivered from 8AM to 10PM. The customers can select the time interval for when they would like their order to arrive.
The Maxi online store delivers not only to individual customers, but also restaurants, cafes, businesses and kindergartens.
We are constantly improving our operational procedures, promptly taking action upon receiving feedback. Our clients appreciate this, as is clearly evident from a consistently high customer loyalty index.
We are strong competitors to the federal delivery services in the cities where our chain is represented.
The Maxi logistics hub with an area of 55,000 m2 is located in Vologda and is responsible for over 50% of distribution to our retail stores. The distribution center receives over 150 trucks daily and ships over 45,000 m3 of goods per month.
Several logistics centers of the chain are also located in Arkhangelsk and Veliky Ustyug.
Our class B+ distribution centers are equipped with our own dynamic storage system, small-scale mechanization tools, chambers with different temperature modes, and our own fleet of vehicles.
The distribution centers are located near the main federal highways with convenient access roads.
"We choose, we are chosen" city contest winner
“We choose, we are chosen” is an annual contest that has been held in Vologda for nearly 20 years. The winner is determined by an online poll where city residents vote for their favorite services and businesses.

  • "Best retail chain", 1st place in 2017, 2018, 2019

  • "Best manufacturer of bakery products", 1rd place in 2022

  • "Best Mobile App", 3rd place in 2019, 1st place in 2021
Private Label Awards winner
Private Label Awards is held as part of the International Private Label Show (IPLS). The jury panel includes representatives of industry associations, public bodies, research agencies and mass media.

  • Private Label Development in the Regional Chain, 2020

  • Buyer’s choice, 2020

  • Private Label Development in the Regional Chain, 2019

Best Product International Award winner
Best Product is a food and food processing industry contest held annually by “Agroexposervice” and the Ministry of Agriculture Central Taste Panel during the international “Prodexpo” show.

A number of private labels have received the Best Product Award:

  • Semya Dovolna (Happy Family) – silver medal and 2 bronze medals (2019, 2020)

  • Zhemchuzhina Severa (Pearl of the North) – gold medal (2021)

  • Vologzhanka – silver medal (2021)

  • Yoshki-Matryoshki – silver medal (2019)

  • Yarkaya Tsena (Bright Price) – bronze medal (2019)

Retail chain development

Maxi retail chain expands by building or renting stores. We are offering various forms of cooperation and constantly looking for new opportunities.
Priority regions for development: Vologda, Arkhangelsk, Yaroslavl and Kirov regions.
Our strategic goal is to gain market leadership in most cities where Maxi is represented. We aspire to increase the number of our stores up to 150 by 2025 and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction by developing our services and in-house food production, introducing new technologies and personalized offers, and improving customer communication.
Valerii Zazhigin
Head of Retail

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