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Maxi is people

The main force that helps Maxi develop is its people. Talented, intelligent, engaged and professional staff makes for a powerful business foundation. Therefore, here at Maxi we pay special attention to creating an environment conducive to development and creativity.

Grow with Maxi

Countless jobs in different fields
We have a variety of vacancies for architects and software developers, brand managers and business analysts, food production specialists and construction workers, etc.
The company provides countless opportunities for self-actualization and career development.
A strong competent team
Being on our team makes you want to grow and broaden your professional and personal horizons. The knowledge, experience and energy of each employee help us make our boldest dreams come true, experiment with diverse projects and move forward with confidence.
At Maxi, everyone can unleash their potential and implement their own solutions due to the support of the other colleagues and an open and creative environment.
Corporate training and development system
You can take an online course, participate in business games and face-to-face trainings, join the workplace mentoring program, and get career advice. Level up your hard and soft skills - from communication to emotional intelligence.  
Together we identify the strengths and areas of improvement, form individual growth paths.
Mentoring program
The existing mentoring program helps new employees get to know the company, become acquainted with its team and all the processes, gain the required skills and quickly integrate into the corporate culture.
Our instructors are selected among our most experienced staff, who achieve continuous growth by sharing their experience and knowledge.
Comfortable modern office
We designed and built our own office in Vologda to create a space for efficient communication and development. There are classrooms, training rooms, meeting rooms with video conferencing, as well as a cozy cafe, coffee points and a gym.
GP consultation and counseling are available for our employees right at the office.

To work at a reliable company is to be sure of your future

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    Maxi Club corporate bonus program
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    Competitive salary and regular wage indexation
  • [ 03 ]
    Paid vacation and sick leave
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    Official employment from the first day

Corporate projects

All of the company's negotiators from different divisions and cities gather annually at the ConverCon event to improve their negotiating skills by taking part in business games, battles, and workshops taught by negotiation experts.
In the photo: one of the eight venues at ConverCon 2021.
At these corporate events, employees not only improve their skills and share their experience, but also build strong cross-functional networks.
We make sure to create an environment conducive to learning and creativity.
The Employee Training and Development department designs courses and training programs on various topics focusing on the areas requested by the divisional managers, and as a result creates  a team-building game or an individual employee development plan.
In the photo: "Battle with the Dragon" business game for the design department.
We pay special attention to the development of leadership potential. Each executive has their own individual development plan that consists of a series of online courses, offline trainings and events for the development of management skills.
We combine various training methods with HR tools to help our young managers develop more efficiently.
One of the largest company-wide educational events is the Knowledge Day. This annual event is held either offline or online in early September.
In the photo: Knowledge Day Forum 2019
The "Knowledge Day" is an internal conference where the company employees act as public speakers sharing their experience and knowledge in diverse areas of professional expertise.
Hundreds of viewers from different divisions of the company gather to partake in our offline conferences.
The presentation topics at the Knowledge Day vary from personal efficiency and flexible competencies to strategic thinking, financial literacy, teamwork methods, Agile technologies, etc.
It is especially valuable that the speakers share their practical experience which can be turned into scalable solutions within the entire company.
Business breakfasts with top managers are another regular event where company's executives or invited nationally acclaimed experts share their experience and discuss practical business case studies in an informal setting.
In the photo: Business breakfast with an online speaker dedicated to mentoring program implementation within the company.
The top managers of the company often become speakers at corporate events, sharing their expertise and extensive professional experience.
In the photo: the speakers and organizers of the Knowledge Day 2020 held online.
Internal conferences for different businesses are held regularly: Maxi Retail Forum, Retail Store Directors Forum, Maxi-opt Forum, MaxiDevConf, etc. Their goal is to form a common space to learn about the new industry and company development trends.
In the photo: 3rd Annual Forum “Sales. Marketing. Logistics.”
The Maxi team not only works together, but also has fun and does sports together. Since 2017, when the Maxi Energy project was launched, various events have been organized for our employees and their families.
The main Maxi Energy event is the race that engages hundreds of employees.
One of the staple winter events is the family ski outing that is not limited to cross country skiing down the trail, but includes sledding,  playing in the snow and snacking on some pancakes and tea.
Up to one hundred participants – the youngest being only 2 years old – gather annually for our ski trips.
Another summer sports event is the Maxi bike rides with routes passing through the picturesque center of the city. The participants can enjoy performances of street workout athletes, tightrope walkers and jugglers.
Other Maxi Energy events include football, volleyball and crossfit tournaments, intellectual games and challenges.
The oldest sports event of the company is the mini-football tournament. that brings together people from different departments: from software developers to warehouse employees.
Maxi has been organizing corporate football tournaments for 12 years. The Maxi team regularly takes part in the city championship as well.
Every year the company gives out the Maxi Professional award recognizing high performing managers.
Five managers from different departments are awarded annually.
Over the years, the Maxi Professional award has been given out to: the commercial director, the head of the design department, the executive director of retail, the head of IT, the head of HR and others.
The awards ceremony has been held at the company for about 5 years, since 2017.
Our employees receive letters of appreciation and certificates of honor on behalf of both the company and the City Hall.

Every year, several dozen employees receive high performance recognition awards.
Another Maxi tradition is the hall of fame. High-performing employees from different departments and cities are recognized for their results and professional qualities.
Every year on the company's birthday, July 1st, about 35 names are added to the hall of fame.
Maxi has a tradition to celebrate work anniversaries of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of service with the company. The employees receive bonuses and souvenirs: a branded glass ball, a plaque, and a medal.
Maxi is defined by its people, as many of our employees have dedicated a big part of their lives to the company.
Our employees save more with the “Maxi Club” reward program by accessing exclusive discounts for a wide range of goods and services provided by our partners: child development centers and medical clinics, automobile repair shops and fitness clubs, telecom providers, cafes, restaurants and many more.  
The program is active in Vologda, Cherepovets and Arkhangelsk. The list of our partners is constantly expanding.
Russian Intranet Awards winner
  • Russian Intranet Awards is the first Russian expert award that recognizes cutting-edge world-class intranet solutions. 

  • Maxi Corporate Portal is the winner of the "Intranet of the Year" award in 2021. 

  • Maxiportal is a platform for developing corporate culture and communications, as wells as an effective tool for learning and creating solutions. 

Winner of national mentoring and coaching awards
  • 2nd place in “TOP-3 corporate mentoring leaders in Russia 2021” awarded for “Bright Start”

  • 3rd place in “Enterprise coaching 2021” awarded for “Inspiring Inception”

The awards were given out by the National Federation of Professional Mentors and Coaches. Winners were selected by the expert panel among Russian and international companies that had taken part in the competition.