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You can place your advertisement at Maxi shopping centers and grocery stores.
Ads at Maxi supermarkets and hypermarkets

Maxi grocery stores are located in some of the best areas in different city districts and up-and-coming neighborhoods under construction. Maxi is enjoys wide recognition in the regions where the chain is represented. Maxi supermarkets are visited daily by up to 5,000 people and the hypermarkets by up to 12,000.

We are offering a variety of of marketing tools aimed at sales promotion, brand development and new product promotion, as well as conducting marketing research, providing template design, photo and video shoots. In order to make your company, product or service visible, we can place your ad at the storefront, inside the store or online.

What we provide:

  • Wide audience reach: more than 3.5 mil potential client visits per month.
  • Full scope of digital channels: mobile app, social networks, online advertising, website, e-mail marketing.
  • Professionalism: our experts have launched more than 1000 complex marketing campaigns via both online and offline channels.

Ads at Maxi shopping and entertainment centers

Maxi shopping and entertainment centers are the most popular shopping and entertainment hubs for a significant majority of the residents of Tula, Kirov and Petrozavodsk residents. The convenient location and other advantages of Maxi ensure high GRP and a reach to a wide audience.

In order to make your company, product or service seen, we can:

  • place your ad at a bus stop near the shopping center, on the media facade, in LED light boxes, on escalators, in elevators, in the entrance lobby, hanging banners, on the mall radio, etc.
  • arrange promotion,
  • launch online ads,
  • design an advertising layout,
  • shoot a video,
  • сwrite a post on social media.

Download the presentation on advertisement opportunities at Maxi malls

Outdoor advertising
The banners on the facade of the shopping center indicate that a certain product or service can be purchased in this store, offering a great opportunity to place your ad at a place with the most traffic.
A major advantage of this type of advertising is being able to reach a wide audience.
Online advertising
Promotional posts on social media and in the newsfeed allow you to direct ads towards a specific audience that is potentially interested in a particular brand.
Placing advertisements on Maxi online platforms can get you up to 800,000 views.

Media screens
We transform marketing promotion into modern media.
This way we can convey our partners' message to the target audience more efficiently.
Every year, we host over 300 events in the Maxi shopping and entertainment centers - from fashion shows to workshops and holiday events that contribute considerably to increasing traffic.
Special promos allow our visitors to learn more about our tenants’ best offers and discounts.
Retail advertising department
Olga Velichko
Retail advertising department
Anzhela Chalaia
Retail advertising department
Anastasiia Ziazina
Marketing for SEC and SC
Olga Ryzhkova
Marketing for SEC and SC
Elena Voskoboynikova

For advertising agencies

We are open for partnership with advertising agencies. We run hundreds of promotional campaigns annually and regularly order multiple advertising services:

  • outdoor advertising, printed ads, audio ads,
  • shopping center decoration, interior design,
  • event management,
  • copywriting (video script, marketing emails, articles, etc.)

Retail advertising department
Olga Velichko
Marketing for SEC and SC
Olga Ryzhkova
Head of Marketing of residential real estate
Elena Voskoboynikova

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