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Procurement and tenders

Delivery to the grocery chain
We are looking to collaborate with suppliers and manufacturers of fresh food, dry food, non-food.

The range of goods in the Maxi chain amounts to over 20,000 products.

We cooperate with federal and regional companies and aim try to represent products made by local manufacturers in every region. We are also open for partnerships that will help us satisfy the needs of Maxi’s customers.

When choosing the partner, we analyze the work business terms and conditions offered by the manufacturer or supplier, estimate the variety and price of goods, and assess whether they are reliable and of interest to the customers.

We provide partners with:
  • high purchase volumes,
  • timely payments,
  • marketing promotion,
  • development assistance and entry into new regions.

To increase collaboration efficiency, we use electronic document workflow systems: "Diadoc", "SBIS", "SFERA-Courier", which helps streamline document delivery and processing.

If you wish to become our partner, please send your commercial offer to:

Commercial Director
Head of Private Label Department

Construction procurement and tenders

We build residential real estate, maintain and reconstruct commercial facilities. We look forward to cooperating with construction goods and services providers, contractors and civil engineering companies. Partaking in a tender is open to anyone, as we ensure equal opportunities and provide comprehensive technical specifications and a clear tendering process.
Tender types:
  • supply of construction materials,
  • construction contracts,
  • design services and site investigations,
  • supply of engineering equipment and materials for the maintenance and reconstruction of facilities,
  • services in manufacturing, installation and maintenance of the systems and equipment.
Proposals for alternative design and technical solutions based on your experience and attached to the commercial offer will be appreciated and carefully considered.

Find all the tenders on our website:

Head of Construction Department
Head of Procurement and Tenders

* Potential contractors and suppliers can find the information about products, works and services Maxi plans to purchase. As defined by Article No. 435 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, this information is not an offer to draw any sales or services contracts or negotiate the execution of such contracts. The selection process of contractors is not linked to any bidding results, quotation requests or other regulated procedures. The contractor selection process cannot be affected by civil or any other laws that concern arrangement of bidding, including the process of selecting the tender winner.

Corporate procurement

In order to support the company's activities in various areas from food retail to commercial real estate we purchase equipment and materials from suppliers selected on a competitive basis.
We purchase:
  • equipment for grocery stores and shopping centers, warehouses and food production,
  • motor fuel,
  • tools and uniforms,
  • office supplies, furniture,
  • IT equipment,
  • etc.

Head of Procurement and Tenders
Deputy Head of Corporate Procurement Department

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